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Owners Vinny and Kristian were always active and health conscious growing up together. Through many years of friendship, they quickly discovered their love for fitness as they always worked out together at a local, corporate gym. Once Covid hit, they continued training in any available space they could find; however, they realized the corporate world was not for them anyways. Midway through Covid after continuously studying the fitness industry, they managed to find the perfect location for a gym and branded it as KMF Strong. Although their first two years of opening were bumpy, they continued to research and tweak their concept and management which finally led to success in their niche. Vinny and Kristian want to provide more for less, with better experiences and value. They are confident that this new found niche will allow the members and trainers at KMF to grow as a whole, pushing each other to be the best and healthiest version of themselves that they can be.



After 2 years in business through trial and error, endless time studying the fitness industry, and meeting different gym owners from all over. We came to the conclusion that we need to ESCAPE THE MATRIX. This has been our concept after 2 years of conforming to everyone else. The matrix to us is the fitness industry as a whole. It’s all the corporate gyms, meat head gyms, and boutique gyms that simply all look the same and have been looking the same for years! We wanted to be different, we wanted to look like something that’s never been done before, and operate against the grain to our competitors, we wanted to escape the matrix! That’s why KMF Strong is a one of one concept/design in the entire world! Not only are we the first matrix concept gym but the way we operate also escapes the matrix. While every other gym charges pointless fees, and bind you to unrealistic contracts. Escaping the matrix at KMF Strong will officially have none of those things in 2024! One price, the cheapest price in the area with absolutely no strings attached! 

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